The Insomnia iBar is the gateway to style and contemporary design in Walking Street, consisting of 2 distinctive zones – the bar and terrace, you can find your space to party with the crowd, or chill out on the bay.

The iBar plays a mixture of hip-hop, house and Thai music to ensure no musical taste is left wanting, our DJ’s truly set the standards in their ability and musical knowledge, easily rivaling anywhere locally or Bangkok. We also host monthly guest spots for top names on the local and international circuit.

Our terrace area allows you to take a breather overlooking Pattaya bay, whether its to romance the loved one, or partying with the locals. The iBar philosophy is simple – chic style and great music without being hard on your wallet!

We always have promotions on for ladies and ex-pats to ensure we have probably the cheapest drink prices in the area combine this with our unique promotions, it makes the iBar experience unmissable.